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You won’t finish every story.

I’m sure I read somewhere that every story writer will start a lot of stories that go nowhere. I know song-writers have a lot of song fragments that never become full songs. It’s much the same thing. Finishing a story is hard.

I have a novel-sized story from ’09 NaNoWriMo that it stuck at the TurnAround. I have another perhaps novel-sized idea from this year that hasn’t even reached the TurnAround, though the various ideas along the way are better planned. Ironically, it was based on a short-story that I did finish, though it didn’t turn out all that great (there were a lot of technical problems). Meanwhile I have a short story (4500 words) that a couple of friends really enjoyed and a similar-sized short story in progress that is showing signs of getting bogged down.

Have I mentioned finishing a story is hard?

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