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Games Stories

I want to take you on a journey into writing. This journey will involve an intersection of using games to write in a hopefully new way. Or at least, a way I haven’t seen anyone use before.

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I’m still here

Okay. so it’s been a while since the last post. Sorry about that. I kind of ran out of things to say for a while. That’s another way of saying life happened and Just Add Story lost some priority.

But I haven’t abandoned this blog. I’m still trying to write and still want to become published.

It’s a long road.

There will be more posts. Soon, even.



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The Edges Of World-Building: Other Resources.

The writing community is getting better at sharing with other writers How To Do Things, and especially How To Not Get Something Badly Wrong.

I’ve recently come across a Tumblr blog which offers articles about some of the less obvious things to think about when writing. It’s called Write World. And due to the way Tumblr works, the latest article, about fashion in fiction, re-blogged from another blog. It is interesting about a topic that doesn’t come up all that often.

What interesting blogs about writing do you follow?



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Coming down from a Conference high.

Well, Conflux9 is done and dusted and I thought maybe I should blog about the experience before I start forgetting things.

It was the first time I’d been to anything even like a writers’ conference and definitely the first time I’d stayed at the same hotel. Once I’d checked in, then found the conference registration desk and registered, I loitered in the foyer along with other attendees, making new friends and gradually letting people find me who I knew online, mostly from Twitter. It helped my Twitter avatar was a real pic of me, which was not entirely deliberate.

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The best of the best

The Australian Writers’ Centre* is once again running the Best Australian Blogs competition. I was a finalist last year, which was a huge surprise, given I entered on a lark! Apparantly someone like my writing.

I haven’t entered myself this year, as this blog is going through a bit of a quiet period. But anyone can enter someone else’s blog. (Ugh – that sentence sounds awkward.) Not that I’m asking. Well, maybe I am. But any of my readers think I’m worth a shot, feel free.

* They’ve had a name change. They used to be called the Sydney Writers’ Centre but decided to expand into other cities n Australia.


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The unexpected break

This is what you look like right now by Abstru...

This is what you look like right now by Abstruse Goose (Tell me I’m wrong) (Photo credit: dullhunk)

First of all, apologies to those who were wondering if this blog seemed in danger of being abandoned. It was always intended to be a low-volume blog so that if I had a week or more where I didn’t have anything to say, then I wouldn’t invent something pointless to say.

But what has happened is that I’ve been writing other things, non-fiction things and since this blog is about fiction writing, there hasn’t been much to say here. And just to make things just a little more interesting, I got a hardware upgrade at work. Instead of a powerful desktop computer, I now have a powerful laptop. Unfortunately, lugging two laptops to and from work is not going to work. And I’m not sure I want to put my writing on the work lappy. Fortunately, I do have a secure place to put my work laptop overnight at work; it just means I have to plan ahead a bit more if I want to work from home.

So whilst I’m figuring out how to sort out these logistics, my fiction is taking a bit of a break.

I’m a little stuck, anyway. I think I need to find some inspiration to work on other parts of the story and come back to this big roadblock later. This could also mean writing more short stories that may or may not be in the same world.

Which segues nicely into this comic from AbstruseGoose about ideas.

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World-Building In Progress

Sometimes I despair a little at how infrequent I post on my blog. I know it’s about once a week, and I know it’s been fairly consistent since I started (well, since I started the WordPress incarnation, anyway). I don’t want to change expectations. But I also want to post real quality, too.

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