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Promote This Blog

Sometimes I wonder if I promote this blog enough.

Writers of all kinds generally need promotion, whether they write for a trade magazine or are a published novelist. If (or when) you get paid for your writing, promotion is often part of the deal. Your magazine editor can promote your writing better just by putting your article closer to the start of the magazine, for instance. Likewise, a major publishing house spends time and money getting people to look at the titles of its writers.

But bloggers and self-publishers are kind of on their own. Self-publishing is often held up as a way of getting a much bigger royalty on your work – except that you then have to do all your own marketing, too, now. Out of your bigger royalty. It’s a business, just like a publishing house. Some writers enjoy this, but not all of them. I think this is one reason the major publishing houses are still in demand from writers.

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The ups and downs of writing.

There is a phrase: “juggling precious eggs in variable gravity”. It has generally been ascribed to a character in a story co-written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, but Googling has so far failed to confirm this. Nevertheless, it is a useful phrase. It reminds me of writing.

There is so much to keep active when writing fiction, especially a longer piece, such a novel. Amongst the various eggs to be juggled are where the story is going, how the characters are developing and describing where they are. If you’re a writer, this should not be news. It’s not easy, either.

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The internal editor will not be silenced

I am thinking that that is actually a good thing. For me.

When an aspiring writing makes friends with other writers, there is going to be a comparison of writing styles. It is inevitable. It will happen sooner or later, so don’t be surprised when it does. I mean, why have you joined a writing group? Invariably the reason given is to learn from other writers.

And not just writing style, but also writing practices. By that I mean what happens between discovering an idea to begin a story and deciding that it’s finished. Mostly. Well, for this week at least.

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All The World’s A Stage, Part One.

… and I have five scripts.

There has been a bit of a kerfuffle in the last few years amongst those learning to write. It has happened as the Internet has enabled people to connect a lot better and easier with each other, but also as it has made it a whole lot easier for aspiring writers to disseminate their efforts. And that has led to a rise in information and instruction about writing.

But the kerfuffle: it’s oriented around the maxim “Show, Don’t Tell“.

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A Writerly Disorder

I found myself wondering recently if I am a writer because I write, or I write because I’m a writer.

It’s a bit of an existential question. It’s right up there with “why do I write?” In fact, it kind of shows why the latter is quite the wrong question. A better question is “why am I a writer?”

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