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Promote This Blog

Sometimes I wonder if I promote this blog enough.

Writers of all kinds generally need promotion, whether they write for a trade magazine or are a published novelist. If (or when) you get paid for your writing, promotion is often part of the deal. Your magazine editor can promote your writing better just by putting your article closer to the start of the magazine, for instance. Likewise, a major publishing house spends time and money getting people to look at the titles of its writers.

But bloggers and self-publishers are kind of on their own. Self-publishing is often held up as a way of getting a much bigger royalty on your work – except that you then have to do all your own marketing, too, now. Out of your bigger royalty. It’s a business, just like a publishing house. Some writers enjoy this, but not all of them. I think this is one reason the major publishing houses are still in demand from writers.

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Ebooks and the evil Amazon

The ebook landscape has changed somewhat since I last blogged about it. And yet at the same time not a lot has changed.

I don’t buy many ebooks. In fact, I don’t buy many books, but even so, most of my purchases in the last year have still been physical books. Part of the reason is that I’m still getting used to the experience of reading on a device, rather than reading a physical book. The other thing is that I never bought into Amazon’s ebook kingdom. This is where you read ebooks on an Amazon Kindle, you buy ebooks on Amazon’s web site and you forget all about ebooks outside this walled garden.

Recent events show why this business model has deep flaws for end-users.

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The Price of Books

There is a bit of a kerfuffle at the moment around the way e-books are priced on retail websites. And this is more than readers complaining about prices that don’t make sense; it is about the US Department of Justice about to accuse several big publishers of pricing collusion.

Amazon and Apple and their business practices are at the centre of this. Both companies have the reputation and the ability to create a vision and then implement it. Both companies have the reputation, the ability and the desire to create closed “ecosystems”. Both companies sincerely want to be The Last Word and The Only Place for their technological niche. In Amazon’s case it is books, both on paper and electronic. For Apple, it is personal computing. Including electronic reading.


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