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The ups and downs of writing.

There is a phrase: “juggling precious eggs in variable gravity”. It has generally been ascribed to a character in a story co-written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, but Googling has so far failed to confirm this. Nevertheless, it is a useful phrase. It reminds me of writing.

There is so much to keep active when writing fiction, especially a longer piece, such a novel. Amongst the various eggs to be juggled are where the story is going, how the characters are developing and describing where they are. If you’re a writer, this should not be news. It’s not easy, either.

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Perspective and Perception

Whenever you set out to learn a new skill, there is always a point right at the start where you can look at the same thing done by someone so much more experienced than you. Often, this is the inspiration to learn in the first place, it is why you sought out lessons, or bought a new how-to book, or cajoled a friend into guiding you forward. It is the “I want to do that!” moment.

First of all, don’t ever forget that that happened. No matter what the impetus, there was a reason you took leatherworking classes, or borrowed a book about raising cats, or whatever it was. You may not remember just what it was, but that’s okay: there was a starting point. It happened.

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