Writing From Home

One of the problems of modern technology for aspiring writers (e.g. me!) is that there are so many more ways to lay down your writing. Barely a decade ago, the best option was a laptop with only moderate battery life, or a paper notebook if your handwriting wasn’t too bad. Nowadays, however, with tablet computers and cloud storage, it is possible to spit out a few hundred words almost wherever you are and have them saved for future confusion.

Oddly enough, I find it almost makes it harder to write.

I admitted to someone just this morning that what I really want to do is to get up early, fight peak hour traffic (well, have a snooze on the train), walk to the office where I can spend the time writing whatever fiction I feel led to. And then go home at 2. I’m not kidding. I’ve heard stories of writers in decades gone by who rent an office away from home so they have a place to write. It comes down to the same problems telecommuters have with working from home. You need a place to do it that is probably not the same place you veg out watching comedy television.

Maybe it doesn’t help that I live on my own. I got 25,000 words written the first year I seriously did NaNoWriMo partly because I was living with my parents. Only my bedroom was my space and that’s where I did much of the writing. I guess that’s much the same reason some of my best writing now is done in random cafes.

At least technology makes that easier.


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2 responses to “Writing From Home

  1. obsidiantears83

    That would be my ideal scenario as well. I used to get most of my word count at libraries, cafes and writeins for just that reason. Cutting out the distraction of work would be nice too… I am usually deep in excel spreadsheets when I have the muse tap me on the shoulder.

    I love how portable writing solutions are now. Writing or planning whilst on a train is so much easier now that I don’t need to pull out a notebook and pen.

    I don’t get a lot of writing done at home because there are too many distractions and set schedules as well as being exhausted after a day at work.

  2. I love with my writing group that every 3rd Wednesday of the month, it’s ‘Shut Up and Write’ night. Due to having a full time job plus family makes it harder to write at home, whilst these sessions in the writing group I pump out a heck of lot more words than other times.

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