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Sometimes I wonder if I promote this blog enough.

Writers of all kinds generally need promotion, whether they write for a trade magazine or are a published novelist. If (or when) you get paid for your writing, promotion is often part of the deal. Your magazine editor can promote your writing better just by putting your article closer to the start of the magazine, for instance. Likewise, a major publishing house spends time and money getting people to look at the titles of its writers.

But bloggers and self-publishers are kind of on their own. Self-publishing is often held up as a way of getting a much bigger royalty on your work – except that you then have to do all your own marketing, too, now. Out of your bigger royalty. It’s a business, just like a publishing house. Some writers enjoy this, but not all of them. I think this is one reason the major publishing houses are still in demand from writers.

Blogging is much the same sort of thing. The idea of a writer blogging is to get people to read their writing, to get their name “out there” and known. In a more ideal world than the one we live in, it means when a blogger gets published for money, there will be decent section of the target audience who already recognise the author’s name, and are thus more likely to take a chance on their writing.

I write this blog for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to get visibility and experience in writing. I see other writers blogging mostly about their published works and where they will be for public interaction (e.g. a conference or a bookstore signing). But I also see published authors blogging about topics and events they are passionate about. And blogging about a journey into or out of or through something. Well, I am doing the latter. This blog is about writing and how I’m learning and what I’m learning about writing. I’d be surprised if you didn’t already know that!

The way I have it set up, WordPress tweets a link in my name to each new post when they’re put up. But only once. This can make it tricky to know when to blog, because most of my followers are on Twitter at only certain times of the day. I’ve know followers on Twitter to have missed my blog posting. Yet I don’t want to annoy everyone with repeated tweets. I’ve seen others do that and it gets annoying easily. The key seems to be to keep it minimal, but two or three tweets over a day seems to be not too much.

That might be the only option for now.

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  1. There are lots of ways for indie writers to get the word out there. At least I think there are. Good fortune to you!

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