So who’s going to Conflux 9?

One thing that the Internet has made so much easier is flattening the relationships between readers and authors. Twitter, in particular, helps well-known people of all kind interact with their fans. In fact, it makes it easy to see when celebrities are doe-eyed over other celebrities.

Once upon a time, the only real way to do that was a writers’ convention. Well, they still hold those – and I am going to my first multi-day one in just over a week! It is Conflux 9 and promises to be unforgettable. I got to volunteer to be on a panel on the first day called “Birth, life and death in speculative fiction”. Speculative Fiction is particularly good at exploring life transitions and what they may mean. I mean, its very purpose is to speculate…

For the rest of the con I will be attending workshops and panels and generally faffing around.

Remember to say hi!


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