The Practice of Persistence

This is my sixty-first post.

I hadn’t been keeping much track, to be honest. But when WordPress told me after the last post that I’d posted sixty items, it really struck me that I’ve actually been doing this for some while. I know some bloggers write far more and far more often. But part of the reason this blog has survived is because I don’t post that often. And I made sure I was happy with that. Amongst other things, it gave me time to get used to regular blogging without the stress of always having to figure out something to say.

Hopefully with all that practice, I’ve gotten better at this blogging lark. 🙂

A lot of things in life need practice. I think we easily forget just how much work there is to learn a new skill, much of which is sheer practice. Watch how much little kids will try something in the playground or in the classroom. Or how involved a teenager will get at some computer game, or musical instrument. They will try again and again and again. Adults are not immune – I guess the big difference is when we want the result without necessarily passing through all the practice.

But it doesn’t work that way. I’m trying to lose some weight, for instance. Much that I want to, I can’t shave off the fat with a utensil from the kitchen drawer. But I can change what I eat and do some proper, regular exercise at a level I can sustain. And over time, I can see the exercises getting easier.

It’s also why I blog and why I continue to write in general: to get better at it. I know this is a task worth doing and it is a skill I want to be good at.

So I have to persist. There is no other choice.

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