Full Steam ahead

This time of the year now has extra meaning for me. It used to be that I could just watch October 31 go past at a comfortable distance. Hallowe’en is not, after all, celebrated in suburban Australia in anywhere near the extent or fashion that is in the USA. Mind you, I still liked the American sitcoms that had Hallowe’en episodes. The fact the scares were on the other side of the screen helped.

These days, however, October 31 represents the day before NaNoWriMo starts! Which is nearly as scary but in a really different way. Instead of ghosts and ghouls, it’s the prospect of writing fifty thousand words in thirty days. Instead of spooky decorations and trick-or-treat, it’s writing guides and write-ins. And meeting new people! It can be easy to forget when going to a write-in that most of the other people there are probably just as introverted as you and may not know anyone either.

But that’s just frippery: The real purpose is to write.

Planning or not.

Just write.

Well, that’s the idea, anyway.

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One response to “Full Steam ahead

  1. I like me some frippery. Gives a much needed change of scenery.

    I forgot to consider the possibility of everyone else at a write-in being introverted (this will be my first time being actively social during NaNo). Oh dear! Well at least everyone will have something to occupy themselves with.

    Good luck with your writing.

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