Just Write, Damnit!

Warning: Rant ahead.

I haven’t done any writing much on anything fiction-like for almost two weeks. I think I’ve reached a point in my current work-in-progress where I’m not interested in this story anymore. 😦 Which is a %&*# shame because I outlined it so I wouldn’t have this problem! Grr.

Maybe I’m just sick of the limitations of my software. I use My Writing Spot on my Android tablet to write, which is good but not good enough. There are things it doesn’t do (such as indents and formatting) and things it does I wish it doesn’t (defaults the cursor to the end of an item). I need to get off my tush and write my own. I’m certainly capable of doing that.

Maybe I’m just sad at the four hundred word scene just before where I’m up to that is, frankly, quite shit. It needs to go. The interaction isn’t needed. It’s filler for something that doesn’t happen. Grr. Again.

Exhortions to “just do it” are useless. It’s what I tell myself, anyway, and they don’t work. Probably doesn’t help I have been busy this week at work. (Heck, I’m watching a script run on my work PC, albeit from my home PC. And it’s Sunday morning.) Also doesn’t help I’ve just gotten a new car. Well, I say “new”, but’s actually 30 years old. And I say “just gotten” and I really mean I’ve gotten it registered. Which was a trial. And it still needs things done to it.

Hmph. Maybe I need a nice drive to somewhere pretty. And take my tablet. At least my new car doesn’t have a stereo yet. Perhaps I can think story. Maybe I need to write a new short story in a different world to help break up the block.


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4 responses to “Just Write, Damnit!

  1. Maybe there’s something in your outline that doesn’t fit right, and it’s only now that you’re writing it that it isn’t working. That happened in my latest novel and it took me another 3,000 words before I could backtrack to see where things had gone to seed.

    • I think in this spot I was writing guff until my word count matched where my outline said I should be. :-/ Bad writer, no cookie. The outline was always only meant to be just a guide and guides can be wrong.

  2. Sounds like you need to take a break, then try something completely different.

    Sometimes you just have to blow up what you’ve got. Have you considered doing someting wholly insane, like joining Scriptfrenzy (the screenwriting version NaNoWriMo), which starts tomorrow?

    Just do it for a couple weeks, write a bunch of scenes and dialog… Should wake you up.

    • I have a short story that is begging for a sequel. I finally came up with a starting scene this afternoon and promptly put it into Evernote. I’ll work on that for a while. It helps that the setting is really different from my WIP, and both main characters like to shout at each other. I like writing dialogue. 🙂

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